Nov 9, 2014

bollywood PROFESSIONAL makeup

 Bollywood movies appeals to many people from all walks of life worldwide..., people associate it with the vibrant glamour, beauty, romance, song and dance. This is very much reflected in the beautiful Hindi stars’ alluring apparel, both traditional and westernized, and bold, beautiful makeup. The beauty queens captivate us all, with their sultry, sexy eyes, lovable, luscious lips and radiant, glowing skin.

bollywood PROFESSIONAL, is the number one cosmetics brand, used by Bollywood’s top makeup artists, for Bollywood superstars, in the Bollywood film industry. 

And now, bollywood PROFESSIONAL makeup is available to its huge, global audience.

Being a truly global brand, it is made with every skin type, tone and age range in mind. From rich, dark, exotic, to the transparent, fairest of skin colours; the result is a young, vibrant look which is simply mesmerizing and luscious.

bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetics are developed and manufactured in New York. A team of highly qualified technicians, based in a New York GMP Laboratory, are dedicated to ensuring that bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetics are the most innovative, superior and finest formulas, dynamic colours and effects. 

There is no compromise when it comes to quality, wearability and contemporariness. Subjected to stringent testing, using the latest technology, each liquid, powder, pencil, and lipstick is loaded with nourishing vitamins and caring minerals. 

Bollywood PROFESSIONAL products are amazingly good for our skin and they are also tested in high definition studios, for that perfect finish!

So if you are in search for skin that feels like silk, or expressive eyes that are bold and beautiful, pretty and well defined cheeks or lusciously full lips, look no further, bollywood PROFESSIONAL is the key to it all!!!

I love the eye shadows which really gives your eyes a stunning or shimmering finish...

If you are looking for instant radiance for your cheeks, these are it... 

I particularly love the lipsticks and lip gloss here which are so vibrant and still long lasting...

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