Aug 18, 2014

Chai Wen and Wei Han's awesome birthday party

 Earlier this month, my good friend Jane whom I met from several blogger events invited my little girl and I to her children's birthday party. The invitation card itself was already so pretty.
Lovely Frozen candy buffet set up

All the irresistible goodies for both kids and adults
my selection... hehehehe

It was an awesome party with a Frozen themed candy buffet set up and free drinks from Gong Cha...
My daughter was so excited  as she love Frozen and she also adored those tea drinks with pearls in them, and she got to make a few new friends with fellow blogger friends kids. 

See the pictures...
Yummylicious drinks...
thumbs up
There were fun games to play and also loads of prizes to be given away and won...  and the cakes were absolutely lovely!!!

Chai Wen turns 9 and Wei Han turns 8... They are beautiful and adorable kids. And I wsh them all the best, may success, happiness, love and good health always be with them... and may they grow to be successful people Jane can be proud of.... 
Chai Wen had her lovely Frozen theme cake and Wei Han had a gorgeous Lion head on his cake...
Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you.....
Chai Wen and Wei Han blowing the candles....
Chai Wen cutting her cake
Jane and her beautiful family.

Thanks Jane for sharing your childrens' special day with my little girl and me.We had a great time and your children are indeed little angels.... hugs


  1. Tqvm, Miera for the lovely post. It really brighten my day. Thanks for all the lovely wishes and both of your attendance. It mades the party merrier. Love and hugs back. You truly a good friend of mine. Muak...

    1. thanks Jane dear.. the pleasure is all mine...thanks for being a good and caring friend

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