Aug 17, 2014

How to draw a watermelon on your finger nail

How to draw a watermelon on your finger nail .... it's so pretty...

The Luvley Nailtastic set contains 8 lovely nail shades, with brush and nail art pens included! Luvley Nailtastic is soft and wearable and very sophisticated. With a focus on elegance and high fashion, this is a chic set that can be worn both for casual weekend looks and special occasions. All packed in a squeezable, refillable heart shaped bottle. It is meant for your little fashionista but I think an adult can pull it off too if you really want to. This pretty set even includes a how-to booklet and can be found at Hamley's at One Utama.

The Luvley Nailtastic set

However, unless you belong to the upper middle class or rich families where money is no issue, it is a bit expensive... Gulp.. RM119 for one set of these. But the creation you can make from this, the art, if you are good at it is pretty awesome...

 See below for a demonstration...

First paint the nail with a light red or fuchsia using the brush

Using the pen, squeeze out the green colour at the tip, coating the tip of the nails.

Use the pen again with the white colour to highlight just slightly below the green for the colours to stand out
Carefully draw the green at the outer/ tips of the nails again

Then use the black colour with the pen to add in the 'seeds' and there you have it.. watermelon nail art...

On the thumb, you can see the watermelon nail, and on the pointer finger nail, a strawberry nail art. Pretty isn' t it?

the finger below sports a flower stamp and also a little crystal 

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