Aug 17, 2014

Strange BFFs -the friendship between a frog and a python

Clinging on with sticky toes, the green tree frog sits bravely on its unlikely friend - a large tree python.
Curled around the branches of a small coconut tree, the snake appears relatively unperturbed by the bold passenger that has clambered onto its skin.

This is the most unusual and awesome friendship between a green tree frog and a python. 

The two of them grew up in captivity together and are very comfortable around each other, which seems to defy nature itself. 

Frogs are typically on the menu for pythons in the wild. 

Photographer Fahmi Bhs snapped these two hanging out in a tree at a nature preserve in Indonesia.
The two were raised in captivity together, and this python does not eat frogs.

'I was worried the python may swallow this beautiful frog,' the 39-year-old photographer from Jakarta said.
'But then a keeper told me that this particular snake doesn't eat frogs at all and it did seem almost undisturbed by its presence."
This is even more amazing because in the wild? Pythons definitely snack on frogs.

Going for a climb.
'The python occasionally sniffed around the frog but then it just let the creature do whatever he needed to do.'
With sticky toe pads, the green tree frog is can to clamber along the scales of the python, able to stealthily crawl upside down like a house lizard.
Its small eyes looking directly at Fahmi - as if it was boasting about it's adventure on the body of the long reptile dangling around a foot off the ground off the ground
.Don't mind if I do: Eventually the frog decided to disembark, perhaps aware that he may be on the menu later
Eventually the frog made an understandable escape - crawling away to reach a safer, uninhabited part of the tree branch.
The frog's behaviour was all the more remarkable as rodents, reptiles and other small living things tend to make up the diet of the python.
They are also well known to bite when someone or something provokes.
"Hello humans!"


  1. Marvelous shots! Nevertheless... do you think it is a python and not poisonous green snake?

  2. ArD, it is not my photos... so I am not really sure but it does not look like a python to me....


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