Aug 17, 2014

Legend of the Prince short recapping Episode 11- 20 -Spoilers

(This is just a quick version for now as I haven't the time to reedit it yet.... and there are several mistakes here as I try to memorize the story and am not actually half watching and half recapping like what the others normally do, and there so I hope I am forgiven for it. I will however edit it the best I can if and when I get the time . Currently I am busy with work, family and other blog events and postings as well....)

Continuation...... from EPISODE 1-10

Anping Yang finally agrees to release Lanma Shandi after telling Xiayun Xian his conditions, Anping Yang wants them to help find out and kill King Ezhu. Prince Shenadaw and Yeshaluo finds out another secret about King Ezhu, and that he has been using drugs on his women, the reason they all go mad. 
Yeshaluo being held prisoner in King Ezhu's mansion

They find the drugs in his room after managing to break in there. The physician who helped them when they arrive told them they needed to talk things over with the 5 ethnic leaders. The physician brought Prince Shenadaw to meet the 5 ethnic leader in the forest, lighting up sandalwood to make them appear. When they appeared, they told Prince Shenadaw about having a spy inside Kind Ezhu’s mansion, and that the spy will help them. 
Prince Shenadaw masquerading as a crook to infiltrate King Ezhu's mansion
Prince Shenadaw  went to King Ezhu’s mansion supposedly to act as one of the people they were expecting. . He was almost exposed when told that one of the man who knew this person he was coming back from the hunt. This man however pretended to know him. The truth came to light when the hunter who did not expose Prince Shenadaw for a fraud revealed himself as the 5 ethnic leader’s spy. 

However, a few days after that, the hunter was killed, he was on the streets when he was shot with an arrow. This put Prince Shenadaw and friends in a turmoil. When the 5 ethnic leaders was told, they revealed that they had another person inside King Ezhu’s mansion. To meet the person, they have to burn the sandalwood incense as usual in King Ezhu’s mansion.
The physician/ King Ezhu
The physician then pretended to infiltrate King Ezhu’s mansion to pass the message to Yeshaluo. He went in to the room and told the guards he needed to see her as she was not very well. The guards allowed him in and he goes in . He sees Yeshaluo and notices the other occupant in the room, the mad woman. While he was there, he told the guards to go get something and started burning the sandalwood incense but nobody turned up.

The mad woman who was in the room with Yeshaluo suddenly became lucid and told Yeshaluo that she knew the secret of King Ezhu but that she was only willing to talk to Prince Shenadaw. Prince Shenadaw wanted to go and meet her but his companions did not allow it as they were worried if she was King Ezhu and Xiayun Xian went in his stead to find the mad woman dead. She had been murdered and pinned to the wall with lots of arrows.

The hunt for King Ezhu continued and it keep irking them when the innkeeper keep spying on them, and Xiayun Xian chased him. The innkeeper’s martial arts was good and he manage to escape after being chased all over the village into the forest. Yeshaluo and Prince Shenadaw then find out the secret the mad woman or rather the spy/assassin of the 5 ethnic leaders hide. She hid yet another tag belonging to the Tang Dynasty inside her blankets which she held close as her invisible child. Ling Er recognize the tag as the other group Tang guards then the one she was in.

Anping Yang then released Lanma Shandi and came to see them to meet them bringing someone with him. That someone was the innkeeper. Everyone was surprise to learn that the innkeeper was not actually King Ezhu as they were so sure he was one of their main suspects. Instead, the innkeeper was actually one of Anping Yang’s spy
Sujue with his female bodyguards
That left one of the last suspects…The person who has been helping them all this while, or at least pretended to help them. The physician. Prince Shenadaw pointed out all his suspicions and the physician just kept quiet but said that Shenadaw had a point. All these while he has been acting as a go between for everyone to learn about the spies in his mansion and eradicating them one by one. Prince Shenadaw pointed out who he found out and knew . The physician then escaped with his first in command grabbing Ling Er as a hostage. 

Captain Aman somehow appeared during this fracas and tried to kill Prince Shenadaw and failed again instead getting caught by Prince Shenadaw and his group. Xiayun Xian is getting closer after learning about Ling Er and how everything about her makes her likely to be his lost daughter. Xiayun Xian chases them and manage to retrieve Ling Er. The physician/ King Ezhu and his deputy fled into the forest.  

Unexpectedly, King Ezhu’s deputy kills him, when King Ezhu babbles on about how he needed to get away and why he needed his research and all, which was to fight and kill their old master, Tang Wei in Chang’an and moves to find his real master, Tang Wei. 

Unfortunately for him, Tang Wei, the red assassin did not want him around either and killed King Ezhu’s deputy. Xiayun Xian just found the bodies of the two! Ling Er horrified to discover Tang Wei, the deputy commanding the Chang'an came to Ruili to kill his men.

Meanwhile, Prince Shenadaw is surprised to find Yeshaluo and himself getting closer and developing feelings. He confronts Yeshaluo and says that she pretends to be greedy and mean but in fact she hides a tender heart. Yeshaluo denies it but starts blushing and giggling out of the blue to herself. Sujue confronts Prince Shenadaw on this but the prince denies it. When Sujue pretends and says he is going to seduce Yeshaluo, Prince Shenadaw glares at him.

Now that King Ezhu is dead, the people of Ruili have peace once again. The 5 ethnic leaders thanked Prince Shenadaw  and his companions and Anping Yang is at peace, just holding Captain Aman hostage. However, General Karana decides to come personally to Ruili to kill the prince on his own

He left, after leaving a couple of his men in the palace to keep an eye on the king of Pyu, but he did not expect once he left, the King of Pyu went all out to arrest and get back his military power. He then continues to pray for his son, hoping Prince Shenadaw will reach his destination safely and successfully broker a peace between the lands with the musical tribute .

General Karana
In Nanzhao Captain Aman finds the musical instruments and proceeds to destroy them. With the musical instruments all destroyed, Prince Shenadaw and his troupe are at a quandary as they can not go without their musical instruments to Chang'an to offer music anymore.

Karana appears in Ruili, and somehow manages to free Captain Aman while killing all of Anping Yang’s men in a bloodbath. Anping Yang vows vengeance and manages to kidnap Sujue .

Nanzhao’s king Yimouxun comes to their rescue and arrests General Karana and Captain Aman with his team of very able imperial guards.

Anping Yang sends a demand for General Karana to go to an island there to meet him or he, Anping Yang will kill Sujue. Wanting to rescue the person he considers a brother to him, Prince Shenadaw and Yeshaluo sneak into King Yimouxun’s prison to get the General. 
Anping Yang
Anping Yang impatiently waits for General Karana to appear. He chose a small island where he could see people coming and going. Xiayun Xian tries to rescue Sujue but fails as Anping Yang sees him and refuses to let Sujue go, demanding for General Karana.

Prince Shenadaw , General Karana and Captain Aman reaches the bank of the lake and General Karana goes ahead to rescue his son while Captain Aman stays on shore with Prince Shenadaw. Captain Aman pulls out his sword, but after a little while lets Prince Shenadaw go, promising to get him another time.

General Karana arrives at the island. Anping Yang makes him cut his own wrists to make him bleed while not going close to the General but holding Sujue in place. The General said he had back up and Anping Yang looked around in disbelief when he was attacked… by Sujue’s female bodyguards. 

After that, General Karana, Captain Aman and their troups continued on their journey  to the next place General Karana felt the prince would go, much to Captain Aman’s disbelief.

Nanzhao and Pyu had a long standing good relationship and King Yimouxun wholeheartedly gave his support and protection to Prince Shenadaw in order for peace between the two countries, one of his gifts to Prince Shenadaw was a new set of instruments to replace the ones Captain Aman destroyed ensure that his trip and mission will be successful. However, there are two musical instruments which are irreplaceable.
King Yimouxin
King Yimouxun then told Prince Shenadaw that he had to go to the Baoxiang temple to find Qing Lian , a musician there who played the gourd pipes and who had some musical scores with him. Then he told the prince that there was a mystical drum, from a long time ago and that someone in the prince group can only help him get the drum.

Yeshaluo in meantime was learning to dance from Lanma Shandi. King Yimouxun pays a visit to Lanma Shandi too and tells her he knows her secret, and her thirst for vengeance  and the purpose of the trip
General Karana and his men arrived at the Baoxiang Temple. To Captain Aman’s confusion and surprise Qing Lian seems to know General Karana and vice versa, General Karana told his men to dressed in normal clothes and lay an ambush in case Prince Shenadaw turns up.

Xiayun Xian offers to go and scout and check out the temple. He goes there , sneaks in and was stunned to realise that Qing Lian knew his presence , and warned him against bloodshed while pretending to admonish General Karana’s men who were around and unaware of Xiayun Xian’s presence. He goes back to report.
Prince Shenadaw wants to go to the temple but Sujue says he will go to the temple in his stead, knowing his father will be there. Sujue said that his father will not harm him Sujue. Prince Shenadaw was better off trying to find the mystical holy drum.
What is Lanma Shandi's secret???
Lanma Shandi torn between vengeance and the need for peace and to help others decided to help Prince Shenadaw.

She directly request Prince Shenadaw to follow her, and said she knew the mystical holy drums whereabouts, but on condition that can not ask her anything but just follow her. Prince Shenadaw  believes Lanma Shandi, and tells her to lead the way. 

They leave together, and Yeshaluo feels insecure and restless. She gets even more worked up when Lanma Shandi demands for Prince Shenadaw royal identification tag which he had once said was to be given to his wife.

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