Aug 22, 2014

How to make: Loom Band Diamond Pattern Bracelet

Make sure your loom faces like this. Currently, as a beginner, I am trying out/experimenting with some cheaper Korean copy. I plan to get the original soon, so bear with me. 

Place your first colour band from the bottom peg in the middle row to the bottom peg in the left row. Do the same to the right!


Place another rubber band from your first rubber band to the middle row diagonally.

 repeat the above steps until you reach the other end

Once at the top, remove one of the last two bands, it doesn't matter which one as the band will work very well either way.

 Start looping by reaching into your last rubber band and and pull the top rubber band and loop it over to the peg to the left then do the same to the right.

 Now reach into the rubber band you looped first. Pull the rubber band and loop it on the middle peg diagonally. Repeat for the other side...Continue until you reach the other end
 Your loom should look like this......

Reach into the top rubber band and place a rubber band on the hook. Then pull the rubber band so that the rubber band is half in the rubber band it's in and half out. You can tie it if you like.

Once done, carefully pull the colour bands off and place a S hook on one end of the rubber bands. Then connect the clip to the other end too.

Mine is a bit messy as it is my first time.. but it works for me... hope you have fun with yours...

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