Aug 22, 2014

Heartbreaking photos of MH17 victims and family, Malaysian National Day of Mourning

These photos posted on Facebook on various pages etc, mostly from Friends of BN truly breaks my heart.
Especially those of the children who has lost a parent in the cruel incident.
My deepest condolence to all family and friends....

the late Ahmad Hakimi the co pilot for MH17's friends and colleagues, one who is holding the deceased's son.

A lovely photo of the plane and the hearses lined up to receive the remains of the victims

Alif Hazim, age 2, son of the late cabin crew for MH17 Hamfazlin with his arms over his mother's coffin. So sad really... 

Another photo of the 8 month old son of the late MH17's co pilot Ahmad Hakimi, being held by his late father's colleagues

the four pilots who brought back the 20 remains of the victims today... Kudos and thank you guys.

Malaysian showing their support and solidarity for MH17 victims families.
This is another really heart breaking picture. The late Mastura Mustaffa's son crying at his mother's coffin

the late Hamfazlin Sham's husband accompanying his wife on her last journey to the mosque

Dato' Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein comforting family members of the MH17

Malaysian flag, Jalur Gemilang flown at half mast 

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