Aug 10, 2014

Egyptian TV Host Riham Said Removes Veil during Interview, Clashes with Guest Cleric Yousuf Badri

Journalist Riham Said
During a fascinating and fiery interview with a Muslim cleric, a female Egyptian TV host removed her hijab to make a point as she continually blasted the hypocrisy of her guest who was not happy.

The interview between TV host Riham Said and fundamentalist Islamic cleric Yousuf Badri on Egypt's Al-Nahar TV turned fiery when the cleric made direct eye contact with Said as he told her to put her headscarf, her hijab, on before the interview.
Said complied, but said:
Outside this studio, in your daily life, you deal all the time with Muslim women who do not wear the veil. You have no problem talking to me without the hijab, and then, when the viewers can see, you make me wear it?
Muslim cleric Yousuf Badri
The interview moved to a line of questions about sexual harassment by clerics and Badri became extremely agitated, demanding Said change the subject.
Said then became angry herself, and removed her hijab as she heatedly addressed Badri who has a current lawsuit against the TV station, but asked to be paid for the interview:
From the moment you sat down, you’ve been shouting at me and mocking me, even though we paid you 1,000 Egyptian pounds to come here. You didn’t come to answer questions. You came to pick a fight. What kind of cleric demands 1,000 pounds?
The cleric turned his body away from and would no longer look at Said as he demanded she put her hijab on.
Said retorted she would wear her hijab but for God, not for Badri.
“This is the kind of person who sues TV channels, attacks the media, and puts on a show for the viewers,” she said, looking into the camera. “It is very unfortunate that people like this peddle our religion.”
Asserting an independence so many Egyptian women lose more of each day under the new regime, Said ended the interview and walked away from the cleric.

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