Aug 15, 2014

Some views of Melaka....

Here are some photos along the streets and roads of Melaka.... I hope you will enjoy seeing them...Malacca,  "The Historic State", is the third smallest Malaysian state after Perlis and Penang. It is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, next to the Straits of Malacca. It is one of my most favourite cities in Malaysia next to KL and Penang.
a road signage
The good part about Melaka is almost 70% of the major attractions are within 1km radius. There is no better way to have a good feel about Melaka by walking. It’s also a good free way to burn calories without too exhausted.

the Baba House
The Baba House is along Jalan Tun Cheng Lock, and is a guest house/ small hotel you can check in to if you like decorated in traditional Peranakan style..

 Some lovely houses that maintain the old world charm around Jonker Street and the surrounding area...

A lovely roof top view from the corridors of the Casa del Rio where I stayed for a couple of nights.... 

rooftop view

In the heart of Melaka, everything is very near .
You can actually walk from A Farmosa to Jonker's Street and so on. Hard Rock Cafe, Christ Church, The Melaka Sultanate Palace, Flor del Mar, the river cruise and Dataran Pahlawan is all within walking distance...

the junction of Jonker's Street

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

the view of Casa Del Rio

My daughter took great pleasure in pointing this sign out to my husband. Apparently, the heart of Melaka is a smoke free city. You can actually get arrested and fined if caught smoking, so if you are a smoker, smoke at your own risk

Some traditional  Nyonya Kebaya

Chasing pigeons

by the river

evening view

This is the Christ Church, it has to be the most recognizable image of Melaka. It dates back to the 18th century and is one of several attractions in and around Dutch Square. This is, probably, one of the most photographed buildings in Melaka. This church is one of a kind; its red color is very unique and remarkable

Daughter trying her hand shooting of a cannon in her imagination, (of course) at the old Dutch Fort near the Christ Church area

the Islamic Museum in Melaka

An unusual transport most tourist, foreign and local get on in Melaka is the trishaw. It is a small vehicle with a pedal and three wheels. You can find them at the Dutch Square. The driver will bring you around the square and all and tell you a bit about it if you so like or you can enjoy being in a gaudy , loud , over fancy "float" . 

I actually miss the really traditional trishaw because almost all of the trishaw around Melaka here and Penang included have turned to become mini "floats" decorated with flowers, soft toys, and loud music.... and a ride can be pretty expensive too in my point of view.. a short ride can cost anywhere from RM15-25( or more)

a Doraemon theme trishaw / 'float'

Be sure to stop by the Taman Melaka park here where you can see old trains, planes, fire engines and a bullock cart ...

my hubby and little girl

my lovely girls and my little girl's BFF...

A hello kitty trishaw

Christ Church Melaka.......

Lots of souvenirs shops at the side...... 

how about a picture with a mini wind mill... who says Malaysia got no wind mills...

stepping into a shop along Jonker's street...
 This is one of those places where you could find something new and interesting. It can be another little coffee place or restaurant, perhaps a temple or boutique. Everything is within walking distance. This is one of those places where the stress just rolls off. Lovely architecture, gorgeous lighting and brilliant weekend night market make this area so special. The people are friendly. You will find products from all over the world being sold here, not just Melaka or nearby areas. It’s a shopping haven. Basically there are 4 or 5 streets that you can visit, besides Jonker Street. Bargain before you buy anything. 

Nyonya clogs... in all sizes and colours

Calanthe Art Cafe
The Calanthe Art Cafe here is famous and the attraction is because they serve Malaysia 13 states' coffees (the local blend of coffee) which indicates 'Visit Malacca means visit Malaysia'.

It is located in a narrow alley just off Jonker Street, the cafe is like a quiet oasis, even though the decor doesn’t quite say the same thing – it is vibrantly furnished, with eclectic and creative touches such as rattan furniture hanging from the ceiling, hand-painted walls, and little trinkets on shelves throughout the property.

I did not have much time to check it out but well.. (Note to self: check it out next time I am in Melaka).

outside of Casa del Rio

River side view.... from my God sister's River suite

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