Aug 14, 2014

Fabulous Shoes and Bags at XES Shoes Premium Boutique

I was invited to witness the Miss Global International Malaysia Finalist 2014 outlet visit at the XES Shoes Premium Boutique in Jalan Juruaudit in Hicom-Glemmarie. I must admit I was late , because I could not find the place and my GPS was just soooo totally useless. However I was lucky to make it in time to take some pictures and indulge in admiring the gorgeous shoes and bags. 

Oh my goodness... if you are a woman and you are not at all excited at all these gorgeous shoes and bags, something must be so dreadfully wrong with you.

XES Signature Zodiac Collection: Aquarius RM139.90
 And then the most amazing thing happened. All of us bloggers were given a chance to pick up something we like from the boutique. What?!! Pick up something ? Anything? Oh my goodness gracious...  Tell me a woman who will say ' NO' to this!!! She must be certified insane.

Oh gosh... the bags... and the sandals... and the heels... or wedges... I was really too spoiled for choices....

XES Signature Zodiac Collection: Libra RM149.90
 I really liked this pair of red wedges soooo much. It was downright gorgeous if a little bit high but unfortunately they did not have my size... so.... sob... bye....Note to self: will get you another time....

XES Strap detailed Ballerina Flats RM49.90
 Oh gosh.. don't you find these ballerina flats pretty... If I was a ballerina kind of person, I would so dig this!!!

Love these strappy heels... pretty....the ones below are just so sweet.. in pastel colours...

Can't I  have all of these shoes.... ? Errmmm....

 More pretty shoes.... oh . how am I ever going to choose from all these gorgeous, gorgeous shoes... and eye candies....

The XES Signature bag RM199.90
I finally decided to go with this gorgeous XES Signature bowler bag in tan and beige, not because it was one of the most expensive in the boutique, but because it was just plain gorgeous and so elegant. I would be bringing this to functions and so on.  Eat your heart out.... and thank you sooooo very much XES shoes... 

This is definitely one of the most memorable experiences ever, getting to pick anything you want out from a store.... I will never forget it... and will treasure my lovely bag.

AND to all of you reading this, if and when you are looking for beautiful Malaysian made, quality shoes , you really should check out XES shoes...

Clicke here:-

Isn't that just sound advice.....
I took this off the website as I like the caption. 
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