Aug 28, 2014

Tony Roma's special menu is something to die for - yummy!!!!

Tony Roma's is a full service, casual dining family restaurant where you can find premier BBQ ribs and steaks in locations across the world. With over 150 restaurants on 6 continents, Tony Roma's is one of the most globally recognized names in the industry.

From Miami to Los Angels, Orlando to Edmonton, Tokyo to Madrid, Tony Roma's serves its signature BBQ ribs, world famous onion loaf and other steak, chicken and seafood entrees to thousands of guests everyday.

Exterior of Tony Roma's at eCurve
Tony Roma's started as a family restaurant featuring casual decor, comfortable ambience and the feel of a neighbourhood bar in North Miami on January 20th 1972
Special menu 
The interior of Tony Roma's eCurve
Yours truly was invited to the Tony Roma's restaurant at eCurve to try out the special menu they had at the moment showcasing three main dishes, Tony's Signature Combo RM55.90 , Four Cheese Stuffed Sirloin RM61.90  and also the Salmon Scampi Pasta RM42.90.

There were also four Tony Refreshing Mocktails at RM12.90 each, Zesty Apple, Sweet Cherry, Cranberry Fizz and Miami Breeze.

The two desserts served in a much smaller portion for RM8.90 each are the Raspberry Brownie Royale and the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwich.

Our host for the day was Mr Johnny Pan, the Marketing Manager. He was a most gracious and kind host answering all our questions and even cutting up our ribs and steak for us.

Yours truly taking a peek at the menu....

Oh gosh... what should I choose....

My drink - the Cranberry Fizz
 I ordered the Cranberry Fizz and it was lovely. It was a perfect  fusion of cranberry, apple and mango juice with Ice Cream Soda, not too sweet nor too overly fizzy. Just perfect on my taste buds.

Cik Lily Putih's drink, Sweet Cherry

The sauces

Mr Johnny Pan, our host for the day

The Salmon Scampi Pasta
The Salmon Scampi Pasta was yummy as well. I loved the salmon. The Linguine pasta was just right in texture and was lightly sauteed with garlic, fresh basil, tomato pesto and a hint of chipotle. Topped with grilled salmon and Asiago cheese.
I can feel the tomato pesto flavors.
Tony's Signature Combo
 The Tony's Signature Combo consisted of one Bountiful Beef Rib, two Tenessee butter basted jumbo shrimp which tasted heavenly and a filet medallion. I absolutely loved the mashed potatoes.

The Four Cheese Stuffed Sirloin
The Four Cheese Stuffed Sirloin stuffed with a creamy blend of sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions and four blended cheeses with a lovely demi glace. I love this quite a lot. The Sirloin was very lovely and flavorful. The taste of cheese wasn't overwhelming but mild and pleasant. I think I really like all three dishes but this is my probably favorite of the three if I really have to choose.

Yaaayyy... food... glorious food...

Salmon Scampi pasta.... looks so yummy-licious

Grace and Cik Lily Putih, my fellow bloggers/diners

A smiley face made by the waiter demonstrating the available sauces

Mr Johnny Pan cutting our ribs and steak for us....

Raspberry Brownie Royale 
 The dessert - the Raspberry Brownie Royale consisted of two warm, rich mini cocoa brownies, with a lovely scoop of premium Nestle vanilla ice cream and drizzled with raspberry. I liked this a lot, finding it a simple but delicious dessert.
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwich
 The presentation for the chocolate chunk cookie sandwich was attractive. It consisted of a scoop of the lovely vanilla ice cream in between two chocolate chunk cookies topped with whipped cream, and drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce. I like this too but not as much as the Raspberry Brownie Royale

Thanks to Mr Johnny Pan, and also Tony Roma's eCurve for having us over for a truly sumptuous lunch.
Dessert anyone???


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