Aug 29, 2014

10 amazing photos that make you wonder...

I love photography and it is said that a photo is worth a thousand words. Every once in a while we stumble upon an image that makes our brain stop for a moment. Sometimes it's taken at just the right angle to make it confusing or hilarious, or sometimes an innocent picture of a full clothed girl ends up looking like she has her boob out.

Whatever the case, these funny pictures and optical illusions will make you do a double take. You might have to look twice to really understand what is going on

Here are 10 photos taken from Google that will make you wonder what the hell happened until you give it a second look
funny pictures you have to look at 2 headed dog
This dog has two heads??? or not.....

funny pictures you have to look at arm boob
Look properly... don't jump to conclusions on first look

(The bridesmaids are not all little people.)
The bridesmaid are all normal women

(This is not a young woman carrying a young man.)
Who is carrying whom?

second-look-wildammo-81114 (2)
The deer has magnificent antlers, no???

second-look-wildammo-81114 (8)
The little boy is not actually holding a light saber

second-look-wildammo-81114 (23)
the helicopter is not that tiny

(This woman is not levitating on a floating platform.)
She is not levitating or on a magic carpet

funny pictures you have to look at wedding
That is not a p***s.. look carefully

second-look-wildammo-81114 (13)
OMG is that a long dog??

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