Aug 20, 2014

Woman with 6 husbands

The Muslim men who decides to get married in neighboring countries especially through the syndicate have to be wary that they might be facing risks, including that of the woman of their choice being a wife to multiple husbands.

The Chairman of SukaGuam Malaysia  Datuk Khairul Anwar Rahmat says, his subordinates has handled lots of case with Syariah laws with many complaints faced by men who chose to get married in neighboring countries. namely Thailand and Indonesia.

One particular case was of a 38 year old man who was shocked to find his 2 day old bride in a room with another man when he paid her a surprise visit. And after some investigation, it was found out that that the man was also the 21 year old woman's husband.

Worse still, the woman had 6 other 'husbands' and admitted that she married them to get easy money from her  'husbands' 

(News taken and translated from Harian Metro, photos from Google for decorative purposes only)

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