Aug 19, 2014

12 things that says you are Malaysian ..

1.  Your hand is magical!!!
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Just by hold it up and you can stop oncoming car traffic. Car, van, or lorry – they all obey the hand. Also, raising your hand gets you past security guards in residential areas. It’s an easy, Malaysian way of saying "I need you to stop' or "I come in peace".

2. You drive on in every colors of the traffic light
Malaysians always drive in all colours of traffic light . Actually sometimes, green is for fast, yellow for faster and red for fastest.

3. Everyone is related to you

“Hello, aunty. Hello, uncle. Hello,Boss" Whether it’s a taxi driver or security guard, isn’t it endearing how Malaysians diminish the distance between strangers?  Everyone is an "uncle or aunty" or "Ah Sow or Low Sai aka boss". Errr...hello, since when did I marry your uncle? Or since when did I become your boss??? A simple Sir & Ma'am would suffice. It is more pleasant and appropriate.

4. You greet everyone with a "Have you eaten?" 

Some say “good morning”, other say “hello”, Malaysians ask a more important question: “is your belly full?” In Malay it’s"dah makan?" in Tamil it’s "sapa de?" in Cantonese it’s "sek bao mei?" in Hokkien it’s "chiak  pah boi?" and the list goes on. Maybe we had it right all along, after all a satisfied tummy is a happy one, so instead of asking how your day’s been, Malaysian’s gauge it from your eating habits! Better still, if they notice you’ve been less than chirpy, they wouldn’t hesitate to make your day by taking you for a teh tarik and a nasi lemak.

5. You answer the phone loudly

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swering the phone; the entire restaurant/cinema/shopping mall knows the whole content of the conversation because the conversation is LOUD! Please, respect yourself & the person calling you! Not forgetting the 'unwilling' audiences. Excuse me Sir/Ma'am, we are NOT at all interested in your conversation! Duh!

6.Yellow box in the middle of the road Malaysia means "come join in the fun" to you

Malaysians in general do not respect the yellow box. Everyone is rushing, rushing....flaunting the law is nothing! Arrrrghhh.... Maybe it needs to be changed to RED BOX?...

7. Friday's the dressing  up day

Yes, Friday is the best day of the week in just about any country but it’s a special day in Malaysia - it’s traditional dress-up day! Being the multicultural nation that we are, what better way to celebrate our diversity and our unique cultures than by wearing the traditional get-ups of the various races. It is through activities like this that Malaysians are able to wear anything from an Indian Punjabi pansuit to a Malay baju kurung while they remember, recognise and appreciate that we are apart of a great melting pot that is Malaysia.

8. You pile up food at buffet!!! 

There's so much to go around, but unfortunately some Malaysians think there isn't enough and pile all the food they think they want on the plate.

Worse still...hoarding food and then can't finish it!!! Selfish!!!

9. You feed your phone before you feed yourself

We take pictures of everything we eat for our friends to see on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We've got skills arranging the roti canai to look fluffiest, the fried chicken thigh to look extra juicy and the lemon cheesecake to look like it was sliced out of a magazine. Today, posting food photos on social media has become the best way of documenting and sharing our every day lives.

10. You have an in-built clock that's tuned to 'Malaysian timing' and you arrive 30 minutes late for anything

Whether it’s a meeting, a wedding, or even a mamak session with friends, we’re always 30 minutes late. At least. We call this ‘Malaysian timing’. And how many times have we told others via phone that we're “on the way” when we were still getting out of bed or in the midst of putting on make up?

11. You hope for a public holiday whenever we win at sports

Whether it’s our badminton stars at the Thomas Cup, our football team at the AFF Suzuki Cup, or our athletes at the Olympic games – you hope for a public holiday if we do well. When Lee Chong Wei won in the recent Thomas Cup Final, Malaysians jumped joyously in their living rooms, believing a public holiday would follow. A sports victory is a big deal and the nation should celebrate it by being allowed to… sleep in.

12. You end all sentences with "Lah"..
Can lah. No lah. Come on lah. "Lah" is as adaptable as Malaysians. You can use it for the weather - "so hot lah." You can use it for price - "so expensive lah." You can use it for disbelief - "No lah, where got?"

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