Aug 23, 2014

A lovely garden wedding...

 We traveled to Ipoh for this wedding, it was the wedding of a close friend of the family, so my husband insisted on going. We began our trip about 9am and arrived around noon at my husband's aunt's home where we put up a night.

 The wedding dinner was at the Adonis Bridal gardens. Adonis Bridal Mansion is the supposedly the largest and most prestigious bridal studio in Ipoh, Perak and in Malaysia. With 65,000 sqft sized garden, the  garden wedding  here was just a dream come true kind of wedding with the small set back, the steady drizzle of the rain., but if you look at it another way, it was kind of romantic.


The newly wedded couple, Dr Dana Quarratuaini or fondly known as Dana Q and her husband, Syahir looked lovely together and so blissfully happy, it was almost infectious. They walked down the well litted aisle with many bridesmaid, groomsmen and flower girls.

As the bridegroom came from a prestigious family, there were VIPs and VVIPs at the event, including the MB of Perak, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

the lovely couple

Dinner was served in the traditional kenduri buffet style,  consisting of nasi minyak or white rice with beef, chicken, vegetables or even fried koay teow, hot from the frying pan.

There were over a thousand guests there of various races and it was fun listening to the Emcee for the night talk in both Malay and Chinese... (He is a Malay dude!!)

the small bridal table

An oh so adorable flower girl...

the pretty wedding cake

the beautiful newly wedded couple

My wish for them: From today forward, you’ll be partners in a great adventure. Here’s a wish that you’ll grow even closer as you work together to make your dreams come true and that you’ll look back on this day as only the beginning of your beautiful happily-ever-after.

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