Aug 28, 2014

Loom bands mania - would you like a loom band lingerie, or a loom band dress?

Parents probably never thought a Malaysian born mechanical engineer who migrated to Michigan, USA would have a large impact on their lives. But Cheong Choon Ng did what many parents coming to the end of the long summer holidays will be grateful for: he kept their kids busy. 
By inventing Rainbow Loom, the brand name for loom bands, in just two years, Ng has gone from a nobody to a millionaire and the creator of one of the most popular toys in the world.

OK, this is NOT the real deal, the real Rainbow Loom, but we are planning to get one soon..... This was just to find out what the craze was first and our family has gotten into the craze of it too....
Playgrounds and living rooms are under invasion from coloured bands. Children are spending hours twisting them into bracelets. 
Duchess of Cambridge wearing loom band on recent trip to New Zealand
The Duchess of Cambridge wore a loom band bracelet on her recent trip to New Zealand, and David Beckham, One Direction's Harry Styles and the Duchess of Cornwall have done the same.
The Rainbow Loom, a plastic device for turning small rubber bands into jewellery, has sold more than three million units worldwide. The sheer scale of the craze can be seen in the stats for Amazon UK. All 30 of the best-selling toys are either looms or loom-related. The products top the sales list for every age group except the under-twos.

My attempt to make a chicken...... not too bad I guess....

This is my self made owl... kinda cute don't you think... for me it is quite an achievement... but not quite like these below!!!!

Loom Band Lingerie

Loom Band Lingerie

How about some loom band lingerie... bra/ mini skirt?

Or the loom band dress?? Mind you they are very expensive... going for up to 170,000 pounds sterling or more then RM500,000 (yeah-the dress above)!!!!

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