Aug 29, 2014

Isetan Japanese Food Fair

 Somehow or other I am always attracted to Japanese food, especially confectioneries. I love the soya sauce rice crackers, dried fruits, some mochi and so on, other then teppanyaki and terriyaki.

Assorted mochi
So when I walked into one of my favourite foodhalls /supermarkets- Isetan and saw they were having the Japanese Food Fair, I was excited. Most especially when I saw the dried fruits section... Oh.. I felt like my Christmas have arrived, when the sales promoter invited me to try the samples...

 I did so love the dried apples, the dried peaches, and etc.. etc.... However the price is a bit expensive... each packet of 120 gm goes for about RM25. But if you buy 3 packets, you get one for free...

dried fruits... my favourite

assorted squid/ cuttlefish etc...

other japanese delicacies
 The fair is ongoing from August 22nd to Sept 1 so go check it out before it goes away again...

For more info, check out: Isetan Japanese Food Fair

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  1. Bagusnya pandai makan.. yaya makan sushi.. tapi sushi yang dimasak je.. yang mentah tak lalu..hehe *done follow. keep in touch :)


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