Aug 6, 2014

"Hand-made" Cendol at Lao San by the Melaka River

Lao San Cafe  is located by the Melaka Riverside. Hubby and I were attracted by the "Hand -made " Cendol sign, and being a big fan of Cendol, my hubby just could not resist trying it. For those who do not know what Cendol is, Cendol is a simple dessert that is very popular among locals and tourists. The combination of the shaved ice, green colour pieces of cendol,
red bean, coconut milk and gula Melaka (palm sugar or Malacca sugar) is just perfect! 
However, if you are very particular about where you eat and halal , you probably won't and shouldn't check this out.
The Cendol is slightly expensive, at RM4.00 per bowl but this is a touristy place and most of the customers are foreigners who just want to sit down at the riverside, watch the river cruise boats go by and enjoy the breeze and evening /night lights

the menu

just enjoying a good bowl of cendol....

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